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Customers could buy cocaine at a Takoyaki Stall

Customers could buy cocaine at a Takoyaki Stall

Takoyaki are delicious, round dumplings that are usually stuffed with cut pieces of octopus, tempura shavings, chopped ginger and spring onion.

And a certain takoyaki stall came with a little surprise, check it out, according to the Nagoya police, the takoyaki stall in the Sakae neighborhood of Nagoya, which 29-year-old Masamichi Shimazu owned, offered cocaine along with the takoyaki. Customers could purchase the drug by speaking a keyword when placing their takoyaki order.

The cocaine was not mixed in the dough, but in a bag placed in a larger bag along with the takoyaki, whoever wanted cocaine would also have to buy a takoyaki, that was the system.

takoyaki stall

Shimazu and his 31-year-old employee, Takao Suzaki, were found to be in possession of 0.7 grams of cocaine, which investigators believe they intended to sell, and the two were then arrested on suspicion of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

Also uncovered were payments from the Takoyaki stall to an administrative group in Mie Prefecture that ran unlicensed hostess bars, giving proceeds from the drug to them. Four members of that group were also arrested. People are arrested for the most varied crimes in Japan.

Source: SoraNews