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SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion and is so SAD!

SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion

Warning, this post contains SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion. It will reveal important plot points of the manga. If you don’t want to spoil the surprise, please close this post and don’t read any further.

However, if you are curious and can’t resist reading Heavenly Delusion spoilers, first open this link to a Heavenly Delusion music video. Right click on the video and select “Loop” and let the music play. Reading this post while listening to the music will improve your experience (I hope).

SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion

You know, I never understood why episode 4 of Heavenly Delusion is called “Kuku”. I never commented on it, but I always thought it was weird. In this episode, Kuku takes Tokio to see the faceless babies, but that’s all she does (at least I thought).

Meanwhile, Maru and Kiruko fight a Hiruko, who is a fish with legs. Kuku appears very little in this episode, but today I see it as one of the saddest episodes in the anime.

SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion

The Origin of Man Eaters in Heavenly Delusion

And the reason is because Kuku is the fish with hands that Maru and Kiruko face. Turns out the kids at the gym are the man-eating monsters.

The events at the academy take place in the past, while Maru and Kiruko’s journey is in the world’s future. I haven’t read the entire manga and only picked up a few spoilers through Youtube shorts videos, but it turns out that the gym the kids are in is broken into, and they go out into the world. The world ends up in the state it is in due to an asteroid colliding with the Earth apparently.

When these children who were experimented on die, they turn into monsters, and Kuku ends up dying from the same disease that killed Tarou. Michika ends up throwing Kuku’s body into the water and this is what happens:

SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion

Maru is the Son of Tokio and Kona

SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion

If you’re watching the anime, you know that Tokio and Kona are together, she ends up getting pregnant and gives birth to a son, now there’s a hell of a mess.

Apparently there is a clone of Tokio’s son, one is called Yamato and the other is Maru, it is not known which of the two is the real son and which is the clone, Maru’s mission however is to find Yamato, who is his “brother”. -clone-twin”.

You know the girl Totori who appeared in episode 6 of Heavenly Delusion and Maru managed to “get into her”?

SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion

She is the daughter of Anzu and Taka, don’t you know who they are? See the images below:

SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion

As I mentioned above, the school ends up being attacked by the Japanese military and the children end up going to the outside world, Anzu and Taka get married and have a daughter, but the two end up dying while she was still a baby, she never got to grow up enough to remember their parents.

The reason why Maru was able to “enter” Totori is because of her parents, she must also become a Hiruko if she dies. By the way, do you know the first man-eater we see in the anime?

SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion

It’s Taka.

Do you know the doctor Kiruko is looking for? What about the scientist at the academy?

SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion

It’s the same person, his name is Sawatari Teruhiko, after the school was attacked and everyone went out into the world, he loves the name “Doctor Sakota”. Where are Tokio and Kona? The two’s whereabouts are unknown, but most of the academy’s children died.

SPOILERS of Heavenly Delusion

And each time one of these children dies, a man-eater is born, a monster that in the future is defeated by Kiruko and Maru, who is the son of Kona and Tokio, colleagues of these children.

And these were the spoilers of Heavenly Delusion I ended up picking up. While I was scrolling through the shorts on Youtube, I saw a video full of anime spoilers, I got irritated but since I already got spoilers (and I was shocked by them), I decided to make this post after all, there are people who like spoilers!

Fans are making character relationship tables, showing family relationships, what they look like in the past and present, and what monsters each has become.

Table with the monsters and students chart

Relationship chart

Understand that the series is still in publication and that many mysteries still run the story, I will bring more spoilers of Heavenly Delusion as soon as more chapters come out.