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You can buy Air of 2022 in Japan

You can buy Air of 2022

Memories of the past year, what kind of things do you like to hold dear from the last year? There are people who take advantage of the New Year’s holiday to sell, like, in Japan, You can buy Air of 2022!

Already available on Mercari, a kind of Free Market in Japan if I may say so, we can see several bags and bottles with stocked wind from 2022 ready for sale!

You can buy Air of 2022
You can buy Air of 2022

On the very first day of the new year, several publications on Mercari appeared offering “Air of 2022” for sale. the vast majority are leaving at an average of 2022 yen (which is BRL 84), but there are those who charge up to 20,022 yen (BRL 834).

You might think “why do people do that?”, it turns out that a few years ago, a British company started selling bottled air.

And in 2019 a Japanese company started selling canned “Heisei Air” shortly before Naruhito became Emperor of Japan. It was around the time that the era changed from being Heisei to becoming Reiwa.

By the way, you can still buy Heisei air at Mercari, you can still find some products on the website if you want to feel what the air was like back then.

Below is a post from 2020 of an air seller advertising his wares:

Shall we see some reactions from the Japanese?

“Oh shit! I’m out of 2022!”

“I should have saved some 2022 air when I had the chance”

“I wonder what happens when you mix the air of 2022 with the air of 2023”

“Oh yeah, I just realized that I can’t breathe the air of 2022 anymore”

“It will lose its freshness in a plastic bag. Anyone who buys some must freeze it.”

“I can still get some off my tires!”

“But how can you be sure it really isn’t just the air of 2023 until it gets to your house and you open it?”

On Mercari, one can look up sellers’ history and ratings, and when checking out the people selling the 2022 air, they appear to be normal sellers of typical items like clothing, electronics, or figures, and every seller I looked at had perfect ratings. of customer satisfaction with five stars.

So maybe selling 2022 air is just a cute way to send a New Year greeting to other Mercari users. Maybe! Maybe there are crazy people out there who actually buy air!

via: Soranews24