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Russians don’t understand what Ayla says in Roshidere

Russians don't understand what Ayla says in Roshidere

Roshidere is an extremely successful light novel, selling quite well. And its anime is not far off, it will premiere in the summer season, which is just around the corner in July of this year.

The story is a romantic comedy about a girl named Ayla and the protagonist Kuze. The “cute” factor of the story here is as follows: Ayla is half Japanese and half Russian, so she speaks Japanese and Russian.

She is interested in Kuze, but she is quite tsundere, showing her sweet and affectionate side to him only in Russian, believing he doesn’t understand what she says, and in Japanese she just mistreats him. However, it turns out Kuze understands Russian!

Russians don’t understand what Ayla says in Roshidere

It was just 11 days ago that a PV for Roshidere came out where we could finally hear the characters speaking, including Ayla saying sweet things in Russian. Her voice actress is Sumire Uesaka, check out the PV below:

As Ayla speaks Russian in the anime, this obviously attracted Russian otaku fans, who are keeping an eye on Roshidere. However, when watching the PV, many Russian comments indicate they are not able to understand what she is saying.

Browsing through the Russian comments on the above PV, you find Russians saying it’s very cute to hear a Japanese speaking Russian, but they don’t understand her. Another said he only managed to understand two words of what Ayla said in the entire PV.

Russians don't understand what Ayla says in Roshidere

Another person commented the following: “As someone who knows Russian, I say it’s hard for me to understand what she’s saying, but it sounds so cool and cute.” Another commented: “As a native, her pronunciation is so cute, I can’t wait for this anime, the heroine is adorable.”

We have more comments like: “I’m Russian, but I only understood her saying ‘cute'”, “Haha, that’s cool, it’s so funny to hear foreigners trying to speak”, “The voice actress definitely doesn’t know how to speak Russian, her pronunciation is very strange.”

Despite most Russians saying that, despite understanding little of Ayla’s pronunciation, they found her very cute, let’s see how the Japanese reacted?

  • “Seriously, there was a lot of criticism in the comments.”
  •  “They said that even in Symphogear, Hikasa’s English singing was so bad that you couldn’t understand what she was saying.”
  • “Wasn’t there any staff member who understood Russian?”
  • “This seems more like a poorly done imitation of French, just the atmosphere.”
  • “If they’re talking so much, it’s because she must be really bad in Russian.”
  • “Russian that Russians don’t understand, it’s hilarious.”
  • “This makes her seem like just a woman who sometimes says something in a strange language.”
  • “It’s as if they’re making foreigners speak Japanese.”
  • “Since this is being done in Japan, it’s okay if it’s just mediocre.”

The impression I got is that yes, the Russians had difficulty understanding Sumire Uesaka, but they didn’t mind much and found Ayla extremely cute! Let’s see when the anime premieres.

via Otakomu

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