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Will we have Rim and Rum in ReZero?

Rim and Rum in ReZero

In ReZero we have the two sisters Ram and Rem, who are extremely popular with fans of the series, but we also have the character Rom, who is the man who takes care of Felt.

So some fans end up wondering, will we have a “Rim” and a “Rum” at some point in history? Since Rom, Ram and Rem have already appeared?

Rim and Rum in ReZero

It turns out that fans already asked this question to the author years ago on his Twitter profile. He said that it may be that at some point both Rim and Rum appear in the story.

But the author said this in a joking tone, he even said that they would be Onis, just like Ram and Rem, in case he wants to go ahead to have all the names “Ram”, “Rem”, “Rom”, “Rim” and “Rum” in the story.