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Mushoku Tensei: Why Did Sara Dislike Rudeus?

Explicando Porque Sara não Gostava do Rudeus

With the latest episode 3 of the second season of Mushoku Tensei, we saw that Sara wanted to confront Rudy, abandoning her previous attitude towards him. But Why did Sara dislike Rudeus?? Why was she rude to him?

This is something that the anime hasn’t shown, and I’m not sure if it will be revealed later. However, this is addressed in the light novel.

Mushoku Tensei: Why Did Sara Dislike Rudeus?

A quick disclaimer, I’m not a reader of the novel, and I’m watching the anime “blindly,” so I don’t know when in the novel the reason for Sara’s dislike towards Rudeus was revealed. It’s possible that the anime might still show the reasons, but anyway:

Mushoku Tensei 2 Ep 3

Sara didn’t like Rudeus for a simple reason, the name “Greyrat,” which is Rudeus’s family name, Rudeus Greyrat. Sara hates the Greyrat family.

In the light novel, it’s explained that the Greyrat family controlled the city where Sara was born, in the Milbotts region, and the lord of the city had a face similar to Rudeus’s.

One day, several monsters appeared in a village near the city where Sara lived, and her parents, as hunters, along with other adventurers, went to confront the monsters.

They ended up dying along with many others. That’s when Sara was rescued by Suzanne and Timothy, who had also lost their companions in the battle against the monsters.

Explicando Porque Sara não Gostava do Rudeus

Mimir and Patrice had also lost their companions, so they all joined the Counter Arrow guild, which was formed by adventurers who survived that monster horde in Milbotts.

Then Sara explains that when the monsters attacked, the nobility of the region (the Greyrats) came up with excuses for not sending help, and that was the reason for so many deaths.

So when Sara met Rudeus, and found out he was a Greyrat, it reminded her of that situation, and she thought Rudeus was just another spoiled rich boy who would run away when things got tough, as that’s what nobles did in her view.

And there you have the reasons why Sara didn’t like Rudeus when they first met, although it seems she doesn’t like him again now.

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