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Pokémon Special adapts the main games of the Pokémon franchise

Pokémon Special adapts the main games of the Pokémon franchise

The Pokémon Special or Pokémon Adventures manga is written by Hidenori Kusaka and initially illustrated by Mato, due to health problems, he was replaced by Satoshi Yamamoto from volume 10 and never stopped.

The manga has been published by Shogakukan since March 1997 and adapts almost all of the main games in the Pokémon franchise, and don’t worry, Scarlet and Violet is yet to come!

The Pokémon Special manga is the most famous ever created, with over 150 million units sold worldwide. Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokémon and founder of Game Freak once said that the Pokémon Special series is the closest to what he imagined the Pokémon world to be: ”This is the manga that most closely resembles the world I was in. trying to transmit”.

Pokemon Adventures

Some of the main Pokémon Special manga arcs

Today we are going to present some arcs with a summary of what some stories of the Pokémon Special manga are about. Check out the main arcs of the manga below:

1- Pokémon Special Manga Arc: Red, Green, and Blue (volumes 1 to 3):

The story follows Red and Blue traveling across Kanto, defeating the 8 gyms and finally reaching the Pokémon League. Later, a trainer named Green enters the story and together, the 3 put an end to Team Rocket’s plans.

pokemon special

2- Pokémon Special Manga: Yellow (volumes 4 to 7)

This story features a character named Yellow who travels through Kanto in search of Red, who has disappeared. She gets a Pikachu from Red and sets off on her quest.

pokemon special

3- Pokémon Special Manga: Gold, Silver, and Crystal (volumes 8 to 15)

The story follows Gold traveling across Johto and trying to thwart the plans of Neo Team Rocket, a new Team Rocket led by Ice Mask. A little later, two other trainers enter the story: Silver, who was once part of the series’ villains, and Crystal, a Pokémon trainer who wants to capture all Pokémon and thus help Professor Oak to complete his Pokédex.

pokemon special

4- Pokémon Special: Ruby and Sapphire manga (volumes 15 to 22):

This arc shows the adventures of Ruby, a boy who came to Hoenn from Johto, and Sapphire, an aspiring trainer girl. They’re trying to win all of Hoenn’s Pokemon Contests and Gyms within an 80-day span. However, within that period they will have to fight against two new evil organizations: Team Magma, who want to dominate the land with the help of Groudon, and Team Aqua, who want to dominate the seas with the help of Kyogre. Plus, Ruby and Sapphire are going to have to worry about something else as well: their feelings for each other.

pokemon special

5- Pokemon Special: FireRed and LeafGreen manga (volumes 22 to 26):

Again the story revolves around Red, Blue and Green who are forced to explore the Sevii Islands to look for Professor Oak, who has been kidnapped by a Deoxys.

pokemon special

The Pokémon Special manga continues to adapt all the main games in the Pokémon franchise, from the oldest to the newest. What do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments!

Source: Bulbapedia