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Chisato and Takina are seen walking on the streets of Hong Kong

Chisato and Takina are seen walking

A photo caught the attention of some Japanese otakus recently, the photo taken by someone apparently in Hong Kong shows two girls walking side by side.

The interesting thing about this photo is that they are cosplaying Chisato and Takina from the anime Lycoris Recoil, which was broadcast last season.

The original post on Twitter passed 32,000 likes.

Chisato and Takina are seen walking

As the publication was widely commented, the cosplayer appeared and identified herself, with the name of Aki on Twitter, she thanked him and posted more pictures of her in Chisato’s cosplay:

Takina also identified herself, she was very grateful for the support from the guys, she says she doesn’t know Japanese and can only publish in English. They confirmed that they are indeed from Hong Kong and were very happy with the comments:

They must have created their profiles on Twitter, I think just because of what happened, that the two of them are successful as cosplayers.