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Meet the Japan Underwear Rescue Team

Japan Underwear Rescue Team

Did you know that exist in Japan a Underwear Rescue Team? And what’s the point of reselling them to perverts?

It’s time to get extremely disgusted I would say, Takigare posted on his Twitter profile prints of what is a “Underwear Rescue Team” group that exists in Japan.

It’s basically a group that collects panties from the trash! Imagine you, woman, who wore panties or a bra for years and the piece broke, or you grew up and don’t fit anymore, or you just got old, a sauce fell out that doesn’t come out at all, N reasons to throw that piece away. clothing.

The group is called Shitagi Kyuushutsu (meaning Underwear Rescue Team) and is based on various people digging through others’ trash to find these treasures:

Underwear Rescue Team Underwear Rescue Team Underwear Rescue Team

Despite being extremely scary, they don’t hide, as they use a hashtag to identify themselves and share their “finds”, as the main objective is not for giddiness, but to sell to perverts!

The Underwear Rescue Group not only rescues panties and bras from the trash, they use them to sell to perky potential customers.

“I found a suspicious (garbage) bag and rescued it immediately, if anyone wants DM me”

“I just found a bra, anyone interested DM me”

“I found a bag in the trash and rescued it, I found it in the condo where I am and I think it’s from a married woman, it smells amazing, DM to anyone who wants it”

Japanese Reactions to Garbage Underwear Rescue Team

These were some of the Japanese reactions to such an oddity:

“…Very creepy, very creepy”

“It’s scary”

“It’s the end of this country”

“This is very bad”

“I feel bad when a stranger takes my underwear, but wouldn’t that be a crime?”

If you follow our site, you know that Japan is a country of many strange stories.