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Oh Great says that AI is Unable to Express Itself

Oh Great says that AI is Unable to Express Itself

Oh Great debuted his newest manga Kaijin Fugeki, and to celebrate, he gave an interview to the site Gendai Media where Oh Great talks about how AI is unable to express itself as humans can. He also discussed more about the use of AI.

During the interview, Oh Great was asked about the changes in manga drawing that the industry is undergoing, to which he replied, “Recently, the manga industry has also seen the entry of AI. I would like to say ‘Come, I am ready for you,’ but when it comes to a technological competition, I feel that we do not stand a chance.”

For Oh Great, it’s not just about drawing well to succeed: “However, I think that both in the past and present, it was not necessarily the people who drew the best who sold the most. Those who draw well just seem to draw well, and the greatest talent is the ‘expression of individuality.’

Oh Great says that AI is Unable to Express Itself

“They have the individuality of ‘drawing well’ and are exceptional at showing it. On the other hand, there are many people who do not draw so well, but still sell a lot. Therefore, it is not just about drawing, but about the ability to express one’s own individuality well that is important.”

Oh Great says that AI is Unable to Express Itself

For Oh Great, it is more worthwhile to express oneself better than AI: “In an era where technology loses its meaning with the arrival of AI, I believe that those who have the ability to express their own individuality, their own art, are the true ‘good artists.'”

Then, Oh Great was asked if he has any secret strategy to defeat AI: “In the end, I think it comes down to communication. When we talk, we predict to some extent how the other person will receive our words, right? I believe that this kind of anticipated telepathy is also necessary when drawing manga.

Oh Great Illustration

Although I am terrible at speaking in person, through manga, I think I can express myself better (laughs). Also, at the current stage, I believe that AI still does not have the ability to feel human emotions. In other words, it is still not able to create truly in the purest sense… But if you discover the secret strategy, please let me know!”

Given Oh Great’s comments, some fans have started to bring up One’s manga Mob Psycho 100, which has a rather ugly art but still sold very well, was adapted into an anime, and has many, many fans.

What do you think of Oh Great’s statement? And have you checked out his new manga yet?

Source: Gendai Media

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