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Kaijin Fugeki new Oh Great Manga is Beautiful and Confusing

Kaijin Fugeki novo Mangá de Oh Great é Lindo e Esquisito

Yesterday, Oh Great, a well-known illustrator who drew the Bakemonogatari manga that was quite successful for its beautiful art, debuted in a new manga called Kaijin Fugeki, and I must say, it’s quite strange.

Having read the first chapter, I wasn’t sure if I understood exactly what the story is about, but one thing I immediately caught onto is that we have a cute girl with two heads.

Kaijin Fugeki

But I must officially say that after reading the first chapter of Oh Great’s new manga, Kaijin Fugeki, I didn’t quite get it. Apparently, it’s about natural disasters?

From comments I’ve seen online from people who have read it, the story seems to be about humans using the powers of the gods to face calamities that we thought were natural events but are actually caused by these strange creatures:

Kaijin Fugeki

The art is simply spectacular in this first chapter and has left people very impressed, but if we can summarize the story of Kaijin Fugeki, it’s basically a “group of young people facing giant calamities in epic battles.

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