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What makes Nintendo employees stay in the company?

What makes Nintendo employees stay in the company

Once in, Nintendo employees don’t want to leave the company. What does Nintendo do wonderfully to retain its employees? Recently, the gaming giant drew attention to its low employee turnover rate, in this post, we have an analysis by an expert who seeks to understand more about this subject, as well as the opinion of someone who has worked at the company.

What makes Nintendo employees stay in the company?

First of all, what would this low employee turnover rate be? In short, it’s an average percentage of people who leave a company within 3 years of joining.

Nintendo manages to retain nearly all of its new employees, with an average of 1 out of every 100 new employees hired leaving the company.

A Business Journal article examines Nintendo’s high retention rate for new employees, with details on the gaming company’s working conditions, such as benefits, brand recognition, and what motivates its employees to stay with them.

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What makes Nintendo employees stay with the company?

Moving on, Nintendo is one of the most desirable companies. Many students want to work on it after graduation. According to a 2023 Job Popularity Ranking by Tokyo Keizai, Nintendo was ranked among the top 100 companies that students in Japan wanted to work for.

Once hired, Nintendo employees never want to leave. Based on some information made available on the company’s official website about its employees, the turnover rate in Japan was 1.9% in the period between April 2022 and March 2023. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan reported 31.2% as the average turnover rate for college graduates in 2020.

In an interview with Business Journal, Hiroki Okamoto, CEO of UZUZ, a company that provides employment support for people in their twenties, says the following:

”I think Nintendo’s 98.8% is a surprising number. Large companies tend to have high retention rates because they offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits. In particular, Nintendo is a very popular company in Japan and its recruitment opportunities are limited, so employees who successfully join the company may have no reason to leave.”

What makes Nintendo employees stay with the company?

Nintendo has a very high average annual income, having the fourth highest salary of a video game company. But Okamoto says that a company’s high salary and competitive entry fee does not guarantee employee retention:

”Of course Nintendo’s far-reaching benefits play a role in this. They have a high rate of paid vacation utilization, offer strong support for parents, and have an employee-only points system that can be used for games, books, travel, and more. They also have a deep understanding of diversity and have introduced a partnership system that allows employees with same-sex partners to be treated as if they were married, among other progressive and practical initiatives.”

A former Nintendo employee named Takaya Imamura, who worked at the company for 32 years as an art director and producer, had this to say about this matter:

”There is no corporate philosophy or credo. Do your best and leave the rest to fate. Respect the spirit of originality. I think the permeation of this mentality is what has created a comfortable environment among employees. When I joined, there wasn’t even a compulsory retirement system based on age.”

Nintendo is what they call a ”white company”. In Japan, this term refers to a company with preferential working conditions such as good pay, healthy work culture and little overtime. Nintendo is at the top of the ranking of white companies in the gaming industry, along with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bandai Namco.

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