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Is China Apparently Banning Cosplays?

Is China Apparently Banning Cosplays?

A new law is leaving everyone puzzled, and this is a Chinese law that applies only to that country, but what everyone is talking about Is China Apparently Banning Cosplays?… well, let’s better understand what’s happening.

Is China Apparently Banning Cosplays?

Recently, China disclosed some proposed amendments to its public safety laws, and among them is the “Clothing Law,” which has generated a massive reaction, with many claiming it is excessive and even absurd.

But what does this “Clothing Law” exactly say? It states that individuals who wear or force others to wear clothing and symbols deemed “harmful to the spirit of the Chinese people” could be detained for up to 15 days and fined up to 5,000 yuan.

The problem lies in the law as a whole, but some people have pointed to the part that mentions “harmful to the spirit of the Chinese people.” What exactly would be clothing that “harms the spirit of the Chinese people”?

Some have argued that this is too broad, and a comment that has emerged is that a police officer could see someone wearing a certain outfit, not like it, and detain them based on this law.

Is China Apparently Banning Cosplays?

A concern that has already been raised is about the use of kimonos, which are traditional Japanese clothing. We have previously reported a case of a cosplayer who had problems with the Chinese police for wearing a kimono as part of her Ushio cosplay from the anime “Summer Time Rendering.”

Some instances of Chinese police detaining people over their clothing were brought to mind. In March of this year, a woman wearing a cosplay of a Japanese military uniform was detained by the police.

At the beginning of this September, individuals wearing rainbow-colored clothing were prevented from entering the concert of singer Chang Hui-mei.

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