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Girlfriends Brought to Life in These Hyakkano Cosplays

Namoradas são Trazidas a Vida nesses Cosplays de Hyakkano

How about checking out some cosplay photos from Hyakkano? The anime with 100 girlfriends is currently airing and is certainly an intriguing series, presenting various crazy situations with the girls and the protagonist.

Girlfriends Brought to Life in These Hyakkano Cosplays

If you’re not familiar with the anime, it follows a young man who has been rejected 100 times. One day, while praying to get a girlfriend, God appears before him and tells him he will have 100 little girlfriends.

anime hyakkano

There’s just one problem: he must love all his girlfriends, or they will die. Thus begins the saga of this young man trying to gather and love all his 100 girlfriends.

The first season of the anime won’t showcase all 100, focusing only on the first 5 girlfriends, and it’s their cosplays that we’ll be exploring in these Hyakkano cosplays.

First, we have the cosplays of girlfriends 1 and 2, who appeared together: the perverted Hanazono Hakari and the tsundere Inda Karane.

Cosplay de Hyakkano 3 scaled

Cosplay de Hyakkano 1 scaledCosplay de Hyakkano 8 scaled Cosplay de Hyakkano 9 scaled

Cosplay de Hyakkano 2 scaled

Moving on to the third girlfriend, we have the extremely shy and book-loving Yoshimoto Shizuka:

Cosplay de Hyakkano 7 scaled

And now, for the fourth girlfriend, the most serious of them all, who doesn’t like to waste time and studies a lot, Eiai Nano:

Cosplay de Hyakkano 5 scaled Cosplay de Hyakkano 6 scaled

And finally, the fifth girlfriend. I apologize, but I haven’t watched the episode where she appeared yet, so I have no idea about her qualities, but we have Yakuzen Kusuri!

Cosplay de Hyakkano 11 scaled

Cosplay de Hyakkano 10

And to wrap it up, a photo of all 5 together!

Cosplay de Hyakkano 13 scaled

And declaring their love!

Cosplay de Hyakkano 12

Didn’t these Hyakkano cosplays turn out cute? With the first 5 girlfriends? Only 95 more to go.

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