Marin new MV is almost a Hentai Clip

Marin new MV

She strikes again, Vtuber Houshou Marine released a music video on their Youtube channel with scenes that look like they almost came from a hentai. Let’s go into more details of Marin new MV.

So far her video has over 4 million views and an extremely beautiful animation, the song is called “I’m Your Treasure Box” and Marine appears in various sexy outfits and situations throughout the MV.

Check out just a few moments from the MV:

Marin new MV Marin new MV

Given that Marin herself likes to touch on adult topics in her lives only once in a while, it’s kind of natural to have an MV of her in that vein, after all, she’s already said she wants to see R18 doujins where she’s forced to do the act.

Check out Marin new MV below:

Did you see that there’s even a moment in Marin new MV that shows Vtuber jumping around with her boobs bouncing like she was doing something else but that she was actually trying to open a door?

This wasn’t her first anime MV, she recently received a very colorful and cute one that also generated a lot of views.