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Man steals woman’s underwear and sets her house on fire

Man steals woman's underwear and sets her house on fire

And in today’s Strange Japan: An extremely confusing case to understand, in this case, the second part. Man steals Panties and sets fire to the victim’s house two days later, and even said he had no intention of killing anyone!

Osaka police arrested Shohei Nakajima, 28 years old and unemployed, he broke into the house of a 36-year-old woman and stole her underwear, two days later he set fire to the same woman’s house.

According to the police, Shohei broke into the woman’s house through the bathroom window between 2 and 5 am on December 25, he stole 14 items of her underwear, on the same day the 25 the woman called the police to report the theft.

Man steals woman’s underwear and sets her house on fire

It’s time to set fire. At around 4:40 am on December 27, Shohei Nakajima, who also lives in the area, returned to the woman’s home.

He put a tire on the front door of the woman’s house and set it on fire, the woman managed to get out of the house with her two children before the fire destroyed the entire 2-story wooden house.

The police were able to identify Shohei Nakajima through the security cameras, for the police, he said that he did not intend to kill anyone when he started the fire.

He also revealed that he has stolen underwear from other women’s homes in the past.

via: Japan Today