Spoilers: Ars and Aisha The Deleted Chapter of Mushoku Tensei

Deleted Chapter of Mushoku Tensei

Have you heard of the Mushoku Tensei Deleted Chapter? This post will have spoilers, but it’s that kind of spoiler that’s worth remembering just to comment on a certain deleted Mushoku Tensei story.

Everyone knows that the world of Mushoku Tensei is very perverted, humans hang out with demi humans, incest, age differences, people learning about naughtiness at an early age and such.

There is a story involving naughtiness that the author of Mushoku Tensei had to erase after fans of the series complained a lot, it is a story that involves Ars and Aisha Greyrat.

Just introducing our characters, Aisha is Rudeus’ half sister, she is Paul’s daughter with maid Lilia:

Deleted Chapter of Mushoku Tensei

And who is Ars? This is where the heavy spoiler comes in, don’t read if you don’t want to know. Ars is one of the sons of Rudeus and Eris, he appears on the cover of the last volume:

Deleted Chapter of Mushoku Tensei

Ars and Aisha The Deleted Chapter of Mushoku Tensei

The cover of volume 26 shows Rudeus with his three wives, his two sisters, his mother Lilia and his children with his three wives. But there’s a subtle detail there, see where Aisha’s hand is? On the shoulder of Ars.

Deleted Chapter of Mushoku Tensei

This small detail reminded fans of the “Deleted Chapter of Mushoku Tensei”, which caused a fight and which the author had to delete.

It turns out that in this chapter Ars ends up falling in love with his aunt, who attends, the two end up getting involved and Aisha becomes pregnant with Ars. Just remembering that he is much younger than her.

At age 12 he got Aisha pregnant, Rudeus, Eris and Lilia are angered by the boy’s actions and the two end up running away, only to be brought back later.

After all these events and beef, the two are accepted back into the family and Aisha and Ars end up getting married. Because of the situation, several fans hated the story and several complaints were made, the author deleted it.

At the time the author made a post asking people to stop fighting (because of the chapter), and that he would one day rewrite this story in another way.

Well, it’s worth noting that the morals in the world Rudeus moved to are not like our modern morals, so I’m not exactly sure what the best thing to do is.