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Legend is the longest web novel on Narou!

Legend is the longest web novel on Narou

Narou is a novel publishing site that was launched on April 2, 2004. On this site, users can publish their novels for free, and those same novels can also be read for free.

It was on this site that many authors became famous and received physical publications and later anime, such as Re: Zero, The Rising of the Shield Hero, The Irregular at Magic High School among others.

Legend é a Web Novel mais Longa do Narou

But have you ever wondered what would be the longest webnovel on the site?

Legend is the longest web novel on Narou

For comparison, Re:Zero is the twenty-ninth longest novel on the Narou website (and is already considered a giant in terms of reading), but Legend is three times as long. The novel is 10 million characters longer than Re:Zero.

Narou estimates that it would take you a total of 561 hours to read all the available chapters (at least the ones that were available until July 12, 2022), that’s because the webnovel is still in ongoing.

For comparison, 561 hours is 23 days to read Legend, whereas ReZero would take you 9 days to read. One more crazy comparison we have with One Piece, it would take you 409 hours to follow Luffy on his journey (again, up until the time the stories were in July).

Legend is the longest web novel on Narou
Cover of Legend volume 1

Legend Synopsis

Living in the Tohoku countryside, Reiji Saeki lost his life in an accident during summer vacation. However, he found himself in a white world with a strange glowing orb in front of his eyes. The orb claimed to be a magician of a different world, and he was looking for a person who would inherit the magic he had perfected in order to prevent the knowledge from disappearing. With that, Reiji, equipped with a new body and powerful magic, went to live in the world of Elgin.

Legend is published in both light novel and manga format, who knows how long they will adapt the webnovel. Fans translated 474 chapters out of 3,253 available.