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Deadpool uses Chainsaw Man’s Kon in new comic

Deadpool uses Chainsaw Man's Kon in new comic

If you haven’t watched Chainsaw Man, here’s a brief explanation of how things work more or less: demons of all kinds exist on earth, and some people make deals with certain demons to use their powers.

Aki Hayakawa is a character who has a contract with the fox demon, and when he used the power of this demon, he made a hand sign and said “Kon,” then the fox’s huge head would appear and devour anyone in its path:

Well, as I don’t read American comics, I don’t know the context, but in the new 2024 issue 1 of the Deadpool comic, yes, that one, the Marvel hero who loves to break the 4th wall.

I’m not sure about the situation he was in, but Deadpool “used” the Kon to defeat an enemy. He is on the ground and asks, “Have you watched Chainsaw Man?” to which the other character responds, “What the hell is that?”

Deadpool uses Chainsaw Man's Kon in new comic

And all this while making the Kon sign, Aki’s power. Then a large red fox appears and devours the man, to which Deadpool then says, “Never mind, you’d probably hate it.”

On the internet, fans reacted with surprise and excitement to the reference:

“Is this not fan art?”

“Now that I think about it, I think Deadpool would like all of Fujimoto’s works.”

“Superficial manga references, while at the same time totally messing up the execution and losing what worked in the original, are quite emblematic of how many contemporary Western comics have been influenced by Japan.”

“As someone who was a big comic book nerd and had a hyperfixation on Deadpool during adolescence, this made me very happy.”



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