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Illya Will Clean Your Ears in a New Fate ASMR

Illya Will Clean Your Ears in a New Fate ASMR

Illya will clean your ears in a new ASMR. ASMR is a quite popular product type sold on various Japanese websites, and many series have already released official ASMR content that you can find on DLSite, for example.

Illya Will Clean Your Ears in a New Fate ASMR

Announced today, the Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya series will have an ASMR called “Prisma Illya ASMR: Prisma Ear Cleaning Incident.” The release is scheduled for this Autumn (later this year), and the voices for this ASMR feature Mai Kadowaki (Illya’s voice) and Nazuka Kaori (Miyu’s voice).

It is not yet clear whether in ASMR Illya and Miyu will actually clean the ears of the listener or if the cleaning occurs between the two girls, we must wait and see, the normal way in these ASMRs is the girls cleaning the ears of the listener.

The funny thing about this news is the reaction from the Western audience upon reading it. As mentioned above, it’s quite common for various types of ASMR to be released in Japan, even for famous anime or games. However, when news about these ASMRs leaves Japan, we get reactions like the ones below:

“Who said Fate was the MCU for **** addicts, because I have to applaud him.”

“This is the worst thing that could have come out of TYPE-MOON.”

“We have to kill the guy in charge of Prisma Illya.”

“Fate fans will never win arguments while their series releases stuff like this.”

“We WILL NOT listen to this.”

“They couldn’t have released the movie instead, why do this?”

“A great day for ****.”

“But what did I just read?”

“This can’t be real.”

“We don’t want this.”

“Yeah, this is definitely one of the things to make the fandom less weird.”

The ASMR where Illya cleans your ears will be released in Japanese only

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