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Google Terminated Publication of Mieruko-chan Without Author’s Permission

Google Terminated Publication of Mieruko-chan Without Author's Permission

Izumi Tomoki, the author of the ghost manga Mieruko-chan, was shocked when he saw that some people thought the manga was finished, as he hadn’t even finished the manga yet! Mieruko-chan continues to publish!

But then, where did people get the idea that the manga ended? Of google! You know when you go to Google to search for something and there’s that FAQ section? Izumi Tomoki discovered that in this part there is a question like this:

“Is Mieruko-chan’s Manga complete?” To which opening the answer you see that they said the following: “Mieruko-chan is complete in 10 volumes”.

“Many people think that Mieruko-chan is finished, so I went to find out why and discovered that Google closed the publication without my permission.” says the author.

Google Terminated Publication of Mieruko-chan Without Author's Permission

To be fair, this part of Google’s questions actually comes from websites, and in this case it’s the website which reports that the manga is complete with 10 volumes, but that’s not true.

Let’s see the fans’ opinions?

“This doesn’t just happen to ‘Mieruko-chan’…”

“If you search for the name of a manga in Chrome, most of the time it comes up something like
‘○○ cancelled, reason’ or
‘○○ dead author’.”

“Sad news: Google-sensei is unable to verify where the series is being published.”

Google Terminated Publication of Mieruko-chan Without Author's Permission

“Google’s automatic summaries are often pretty random. Google Maps also sometimes ignores one-way streets and suggests the wrong routes, it’s terrible.”

“It’s not limited to that, when you search for something, the suggestions were: ‘tacky’, ‘closed’, ‘cancelled’, etc. Why do so many negative words appear? Sometimes I get upset just looking at it, I wish they would stop it .”

“I’m glad it’s not over! I still want to enjoy it more.”

“In the old business I managed, I noticed that on certain days of the week the customer arrival was bad, and I discovered that on Google Maps it was marked as a holiday. Isn’t that harmful to the business?”

Mieruko-chan’s manga began to be published on Twitter and received a physical version in 2018, you can buy the volumes here. The anime premiered in 2021.

Mieruko-chan Synopsis

A normal girl was living a normal life―until she wasn’t. One day, she could see…everything. What’s a girl to do when hideous monsters appear no matter which way she turns? And on top of that, nobody else can see them! Obviously, there’s only one thing that makes sense―ignore them. Kinda hard to put theory into practice, though, when the ghosts know she’s watching

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