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Cosplayer is Murdered by Boyfriend

Cosplayer is Murdered by Boyfriend

A shocking news has emerged: a cosplayer murdered by her boyfriend. The cosplayer Ai Kirishima, a 25-year-old Chinese woman, was brutally killed, and her limbs were severed and dumped in a mountain area.

Cosplayer is Murdered by Boyfriend: Crime Details

According to news sites, Ai Kirishima’s boyfriend, a 150-kilogram man, dismembered her body and left the parts in a mountainous area to hinder her discovery.

Cosplayer is Murdered by Boyfriend

To cover up the crime and pretend everything was fine, Ai Kirishima’s boyfriend used her social media accounts to post as her, deceiving everyone into thinking she was still alive. When the murder was discovered, the boyfriend was arrested. He is 35 years old and was taken into police custody.

Cosplayer is Murdered by Boyfriend

Chinese authorities reported that the couple’s relationship was complicated, with many arguments. In one incident, Ai reportedly slapped her boyfriend in public.

Complicated Relationship

A friend of the couple mentioned that the man had been unemployed for a long time and often helped with cosplays, but he pretended to be wealthy on social media.

Others who knew the couple stated that Ai frequently subjected him to psychological abuse and often assaulted him in public, as previously mentioned in this article.

Confirmation of Death

The boyfriend, Sange, was known in the eSports community. On June 24, a friend of Ai confirmed her death:

“Regarding the recent controversy, we declare that:

  • Ai Kirishima was murdered by her boyfriend in May of this year. He has already been arrested, and the details are with the police.
  • This account has been managed by me since May 9; all content from that date was published by me.
  • She is no longer here. Please respect her. Remember, someone is always watching us from above.
  • Additional explanation: I am a friend of Ai, and this account will no longer be updated permanently.
  • I only learned of Ai’s death around June 20, just like all of you.

cosplayer ai kirishima morta pelo namorado

Social Media Popularity

With 363,000 followers on Twitter, Ai Kirishima was known for posting sensual cosplay photos.

Cosplayer is Murdered by Boyfriend

This is a truly sad situation. People close to the couple swore they would break up sooner or later, but never imagined something like this would happen.

Source: Yahoo News

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