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Foreigner is Impressed by Japanese Hygiene and Cosplayer Boobs become Hot Topic

Cosplayer Boobs become Hot Topic

Comiket 100 took place on the weekend of August 13th and 14th this year, several artists went to sell their doujins, cosplayers showed up and a lot of people enjoyed the event.

And because it takes place in Japan, it is possible to witness first-hand the good customs of the country, see for example the publication below that went viral on the internet.

This foreign user posted a photo impressed by how completely hygienic Japanese people are, he said:

“Japanese people are very hygienic. When handling money, they put it in a plastic container to give to someone else to minimize risk of infection. Although it’s less intimate, it’s worth it. Learning.”

Cosplayer Boobs become Hot Topic

For some reason this photo of him just got over 85,000 likes and over 30,000 shares. Probably the Japanese were happy to see a foreigner learning so much about the culture of their country.

The Reason for the Photo to Go Viral It was definitely not Tamamo’s Cosplayer’s Boobs

Well, we know the real reason why the publication went so viral, and this Japanese guy here drew it to better show why:

“Most men ignore the red circle and only see the yellow heart,” he said. The cosplayer who appears in the photo was identified and commented on her profile when she saw that she was going viral on another profile.

Below is her cosplay:

The scene was so popular that hentai artist kogasaki yuina made a fanart of the situation:

Cosplayer Boobs become Hot Topic

Probably a new meme was born in Japan’s otaku culture? Tamamo’s cosplayer buying doujins?