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Occurred in Japan: Clerk tricked a thief with two words

Clerk tricked a thief with two words

It occurred in Japan, a clerk tricked a thief with two words! In the early hours of Thursday, a man walked into a 7-Eleven branch in the Hizako neighborhood of Saitama City. This man was not a customer, but a thief…

This thief approached the cashier, where a 56-year-old man was there, who was the employee, working normally on another day. When the thief approached the cashier, he took out a hammer and used it to threaten the clerk.

Clerks in Japan usually don’t have anything to defend themselves with, so any type of item that can be used as a weapon turns out to be intimidating.

▼ The 7-Elven branch where the incident took place

Occurred in Japan: Clerk tricked a thief with two words

You wonder how this Clerk tricked a thief? It was like this, the thief shouted: ”Give me the money”, but even with the advantage of the gun and having said that, right after that the thief gave the employee a chance to leave asking this here: ”Do you have money , huh?”.

Clever, do you know what the official replied? ”We do not.”.

And that’s how this clerk tricked a thief, obviously it was a lie, they had money in the cash register there, but the thief ended up believing the clerk’s words and just walked away when the clerk said he didn’t have money, if you don’t have money, you don’t have reason to stay there correct?

The store got in touch with the police who are now looking for the criminal, even if he didn’t steal anything, the attempt is still worrying, what if he finds a clerk who replies that they have money next time?

Via: SoraNews24

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