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They’re Celebrating Uzaki-chan’s Hiatus

They're Celebrating Uzaki-chan's Hiatus

The author of Uzaki-chan’s manga caught COVID-19 and he is recovering from the disease, and because of this he is not in a position to draw new chapters of the manga, which caused Uzaki-chan’s manga to enter a hiatus until he recovers.

Although many fans of the manga wish him well and that he can bring us more chapters of Uzaki-chan again, we have those people who wish the manga and even the author harm because they consider Uzaki-chan a problematic manga.

Uzaki-chan has already gone through several controversies, and for bringing a protagonist, Uzaki, who in the story is an older girl, short and has big breasts. Years ago her blood donation poster caused controversy in Japan.

They’re Celebrating Uzaki-chan’s Hiatus

The Packergirl profile compiled some prints of profiles wishing harm to the author of Uzaki-chan:

“Sorry corona, I didn’t know your game”

“We won?”

“THANK YOU GOD, Stay away”

“Hitler is dead”

‘9/11 for pedos’

“If you hit her, you’re basic as a boy who likes blue and hates girls.”



They're Celebrating Uzaki-chan's Hiatus

Without understanding the hate for Uzaki-chan’s manga, these were some responses to the negative comments:

“Why do people hate Uzaki-chan?”

“What are they talking about? Uzaki is 19 years old and a college student, does he hate short women?”

“One of the print profiles no longer exists”

“Uzaki is 19, she is an adult”

“It just shows how miserable some people are when they celebrate the death of someone who did nothing wrong.”

“I’ve never watched this anime, why do people hate it?”

“What did the author do?”

“I’m honestly surprised by the amount of hate he gets, I understand not liking something but that’s out of the question, I wish the author well. And to those with hate, grow up.”

Despite the comments above, it seems that the author of Uzaki-chan is recovering well from the illness, publishing that he has already gone to the market among other things, perhaps soon he will publish the manga again and new chapters will come out.

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