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They Allege Buddy Daddies Sexualized Miri

They Allege Buddy Daddies Sexualized Miri

Now they Allege Buddy Daddies Sexualized Miri in the Buddy Daddies anime, which ended up causing a little controversy on social media due to a scene in which the little girl Miri is on the ground and many pointed out that her butt is very prominent.

Some are accusing the anime of sexualization, check out the scene below:

They Allege Buddy Daddies Sexualized Miri They Allege Buddy Daddies Sexualized Miri They Allege Buddy Daddies Sexualized Miri

As we can see, Miri appears under the table, looking for something and that’s why she is in that position, but many complained that her butt is too big.

They Allege Buddy Daddies Sexualized Miri

The beef happened more when Twitter user amber posted the scene on video, and in some comments and shares of the video below, which has been viewed more than 4 million times, people complained about her being a child and appearing with her ass perched.

Some comments:

“Oddly sexual pose for a character who is supposed to be a child. Do people like that?”

“Aren’t you going to talk about the gross opening scene?”

“What the fuck was that scene at the beginning”

“When you see the first angle and remember this anime was inspired by SPY x FAMILY and the girl is basically Anya, a child”

“Okay, people are talking about the gun but… what was that camera angle at the beginning?”

“Because the angle is like that at the beginning”

“Because they drew a child that way”

“I like how it looks nothing like her body? Does it look like they drew an 18 or 20 year old woman and dumped her fat ass on a kid?”

“this anime died for me just at the beginning, what the FUCK is this bro, vsfd a child”

“if I wanted to watch buddy daddies I already missed it”

“My God… I saw this episode and I swear I didn’t even notice that frame at the beginning, now that I’m watching it I’m… I’m even discouraged”.

You can see more comments in the post above, there were also those who criticized those who criticized the scene:

“I blame Toonami for stunting the growth of potential anime fans, all these Toonami are censored and watered down versions of Shounens and nothing more. Most of these normies don’t understand the cultural differences in Japanese media”

“Twitter being offended by this scene and saying it’s sexual, go outside people”

“Like a Lolicon, there’s no character being sexualized in this scene, it’s just a little girl holding a gun.”

“Real Lolicons seeing this scene: “Aww so cute”
”Normal People” Seeing This Scene: WHY THEY’RE SEXUALIZING A CHILD”.

Not related to the subject itself, but other comments from those who watch the anime are complaints that Miri would be a very annoying character in the Buddy Daddies anime, as she would be a very agitated child in the anime.

Comparisons between Anya and Miri occur all the time on Twitter, with some commenting that Anya acts like a child while Miri is just annoying.