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Official Translation of Blue Archive removes term Princess

Tradução Oficial de Blue Archive remove termo Princesa

Blue Archive is that franchise that lets you see the nipple of one of its characters through an official figure, but censors the term “Princess” in the game text for being a feminine term.

What happened is that the official version of the game Blue Archive decided to censor the term “princess” from its text, I don’t know the context of the scene and such but according to the table below, the Japanese and Korean versions kept the term “princess” in their text.

The version made by fans was like this: “Leave my beloved princess alone!”, the version translated by professionals and being the official one, translated the phrase like this: “I will not let you touch another hair on her head”, something totally different.

Tradução Oficial de Blue Archive remove termo Princesa
Tradução Oficial de Blue Archive remove termo Princesa

Apparently this speech, of a princess, and referring to the character Mika, once again, I don’t know the context. Anyway, it seems fans began to complain a lot about this huge change that the speech had in the official English version of the game.

And the complaints were heard, because after a patch that corrected this problem was released and the original speech was kept, in the new version the official translation was as follows: “How dare you treat my precious princess this way?”.

“We won guys, they fixed it! Big win for the developers”

In addition to having fixed the translation, another player said that in addition to having fixed it, they sent 600 gems as an apology for that.

In recent times there has been a movement to eliminate gender in game texts, many are the games that exclude female words from translations and fans have been fighting against this on the internet for months.