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Episode 6 of Onimai censored scene from Change of Clothes

Episódio 6 de Onimai censurou

Episode 6 of Onimai censored several scenes, you already know that the Onimai anime is being censored on Crunchyroll, more precisely, a censorship that is already handed over by Japan to streaming services around the world, and episode 6 is one more to suffer from it.

In this episode Mahiro is in a female changing room and several schoolgirls are changing clothes, while in Japan the scene shows one of the girls with her breasts in her bra, in the international version we see a wall.

The gif below quickly shows this change that the international version had in relation to the original Japanese version:

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In case you want to see it on video, a user has uploaded on Youtube comparisons of censored and uncensored scene of Onimai:

The version we received completely cuts the scene of the girl’s breasts while we see a wall, seeing the comments of the video above we have some comments like the ones below:

“Even a censorship by 4Kids would be more respectful of the viewer”

“You imagine that Western society that prides itself on being the most open-minded is actually the most closed-minded”

“They just can’t ignore the Western market can they”

“That’s why I want to live in Japan”


“That’s stupid, why are they even censoring the zipper scene? It didn’t even get a 16+”

Even the Japanese came to know about Onimai’s censorship and came up with their theories about the reasons for the censorship among other things:

“So showing the boy’s bra is ok but not the girl’s?”

“Censoring big boobs? Isn’t that discrimination?”

“From now on there will be no more ecchi scenes until the hot springs part at least”

“Overseas regulations are so strict. They actually stop distributing something”

“I heard the international version says all characters are over 18 or something”

Onimai’s censorship will continue until the end of the series, the only hope of seeing the anime without censorship, unfortunately, in my opinion is to watch videos of comparisons or piracy. It would be normal for anime to come the way they were made, but…

Via: Yaraon