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Animes with Terrible Endings, According to Japanese Fans

Animes with Terrible Endings, According to Japanese Fans

Do you know those animes with terrible endings? Well, it’s rare for a story to conclude in a way that pleases a large portion of the audience. A relevant example is the manga “Attack on Titan,” whose ending left many fans upset, leading to an online petition calling for a change.

And on a famous Japanese forum, otakus didn’t hesitate to share their opinions on animes with terrible endings, according to their thoughts.

Animes with Terrible Endings, According to Japanese Fans

From classic animes to more recent ones that, according to some fans, failed to deliver a ending that matched their tastes. So, which animes have terrible endings? See below:

Animes with Terrible Endings, According to Japanese Fans

“Hoshiai no Sora”

“Second season of Zombie Land Saga. The second season was crap, not just the final episode.”

“Zatch Bell”

“For me, it’s Kill la Kill.”

“Season 1 of Symphogear. Even though it has five seasons, it never surpasses the first.”

“The Day I Became a God”

“Second season of Uma Musume”

“It was crap all along, but Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA introduced an anime-original boss in the final episode.”

“Chrono Crusade”

“It’s not about issues surfacing from before the final episode or blindly expanding the plot without thinking. Until just before the final, it was interesting and should have ended normally, but it turned into crap in just the final episode. What kind of work is that?”

“I don’t know the original work, but in the anime, the only thing that left an impression was that Rosette was cute. Since she’s voiced by Tomoko Kawakami, she ended up dying.”

“Personally, I have no complaints about how Evangelion ended.”

“That thing from Yabuki that was drawing for Trigger.” (Darling in the Franxx)

”I think Neon Genesis Evangelion would enter this list. I know it’s a series loved by many, but if you have to make several additional films to explain the ending, then you didn’t do a good job at the beginning.”

“Lycoris Recoil for sure”

”Back Arrow was a complete crap; I think Goro Taniguchi only lives on past glories.”

”Megaton Musashi, although I tried my best to watch the second season, it never improved.”

”Mahou Sensou, no doubt.”

”Love Live! Superstar!!, definitely the most disappointing thing about Love Live! in relation to the final episodes.”

”Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch, despite everything apparently ending well, I think the plot twist and the death of the protagonist were not well executed.”

These are the animes with horrible endings, according to some Japanese fans. Those animes that unfortunately failed to present a satisfying conclusion.

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