Anime Lycoris Recoil referenced John Wick

Lycoris Recoil referenced John Wick

Lycoris Recoil referenced John Wick, famous film series with actor Keanu Reeves. in one of the most recent episodes of the anime, fans noticed that the blu-ray of the film ends up appearing in Chisato’s apartment, and as if that weren’t enough, she ends up striking a pose that John Wick does too.

Below is the blu-ray with several films that Chisato has and among them the one from the John Wick film:

Lycoris Recoil referenced John WickLycoris Recoil referenced John Wick

There are other movies on this table, and they’re all action, we have for example Rambo, Terminator, Con Air, Matrix and Die Hard. Chisato is really a big fan of action movies.

And here’s a comparison between a pose by John and a pose by Chisato, is that just another reference?

Lycoris Recoil teve referencia a John Wick 3

It goes to show that maybe the production team at Lycoris Recoil watched these action movies to create the amazing scenes of Chisato destroying enemies in the anime’s gunfight scenes.