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Voice of Yamcha, Toru Furuya cheated on his wife with a fan

Toru Furuya cheated on his wife with a fan

A disappointment for fans of Toru Furuya, the voice actor of iconic characters such as Yamcha (Dragon Ball), Seiya (Saint Seiya), Amuro Ray (Gundam), and Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon), has admitted to cheating on his wife for more than 4 years.

On his official X account, Toru Furuya published a note acknowledging the allegations made by the gossip site Bunshun, known for following celebrities, about him having an affair with a fan.

The fan is reportedly 30 years old, and the two maintained a relationship for 4 and a half years, lasting until September of last year. He stated that he initiated the contact to start the affair. He also admitted that during those more than 4 years, he raised his hand to hit her during an argument

Toru Furuya cheated on his wife with a fan

It gets worse: he also admitted that he made her have an abortion once. He apologized to the woman for hurting her mentally and psychologically, and he apologized to his fans for disappointing them, betraying their trust, and tarnishing the characters he voiced.

Toru Furuya says he is prepared to accept the punishments and will spend the rest of his life making up for his mistakes. Japanese fans are sharing the image below:

Amuro Ray

This is a scene from Gundam, where Amuro Ray (a character voiced by Toru Furuya) receives a slap from another character. What do you think about the case?

Source: X

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