Kancolle Faithful Illustrator gets 5x more likes with Blue Archive Fanart

Kancolle Faithful Illustrator

Kantai Collection is a gacha game where you control ship girls and go into conflicts at Sea. Blue Archive is a gacha game where you have your students and send them to combat.

The two games have a multitude of waifus and it’s normal for each to have their fandom. Illustrator Ebihurya is a loyal fan of the Kantai Collection, most of his illustrations are from the girls in the series, but occasionally he draws characters from other franchises.

A funny fact that caught the attention of the Japanese on Ebihurya’s profile, a kancolle faithful Illustrator, was the difference in the likes of his fanarts from Kantai Collection to one he made from Blue Archive.

First check out the amount of likes that the girl-based fanarts of Kantai Collection received below:





So he decided to draw a girl from a different game, instead of KanColle he drew Nonomi from the game Blue Archive, the result of which was that his fanart of Nonomi received more than 42,000 likes.

The funny thing is that after he made Nonomi, he went back to drawing KanColle’s girls and his average likes was back to the same as always, between 8,000 and 9,000.

You can see Nonomi in the skin he designed, in action in the game below:

He could grow his profile a lot more if he focused on waifus of more popular series, but like Great Mosu, who made an absurd profit from netorare manga, he is faithful to his waifus.