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Producer Arrested for Abusing an Idol for 4 Years

Producer Arrested for Abusing an Idol for 4 Years

Tokyo police recently arrested 37-year-old Yuji Hoshino, he was the manager of an idol girl group, which he managed and produced.

According to the police, the victim is an 18-year-old girl, a member of the group, according to her, Hoshino would have abused her around 200 times, between June 2018 and October 2022.

He is accused of having performed lewd acts with the girl in an apartment in Tokyo in October 2020 and May 2022 when the idol was underage.

According to the police, the girl lived alone in this apartment, which was arranged by the producer, she said that she was afraid of losing her position in the group if she did not agree with his requests.

The news did not report the name of the idol group that Hoshinho managed, which indicates that it is a small or even completely unknown group. Many girls (and many underage) join small idol groups.

These are probably the ones most at risk of ending up facing cases like this. The case generated the following reactions:

“I thought this kind of thing only happened in hent**** doujins”

“Stop publishing stories that look like they came out of a doujin”

“Perverse acts against idols have become more frequent it seems”

“200 times in 4 years? That’s wonderful, once a week”

“Life is not a doujin”

“Looks like this was the hidden ending of Idolmaster”

Via: Otakomu