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Pokémon Sleep is Released and we already have its Competitive Scene

Pokémon Sleep is Released and we already have its Competitive Scene

A Japanese website suggested sleeping pills to Pokémon Sleep players. Firstly, what is Pokémon Sleep? Basically, it’s a sleep-tracking app based on the Pokémon series.

The app analyzes and measures how much the user sleeps each night, and users can receive rewards and encounter various Pokémon while sleeping well by continuously registering their sleep patterns. It’s an app to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Pokémon Sleep is Released and we already have its Competitive Scene

Japanese website suggests sleeping pills for players of Pokémon Sleep

The app may seem quite casual, but there are always those who see a competitive aspect to it and play the game seriously. A Japanese gaming website suggested that players use sleeping pills to achieve high sleep scores in the game.

“This walkthrough website I was looking at had tips on how to get a high score in Pokémon Sleep! Use sleeping pills!”

Initially, they listed harmless sleep tips like light exercises. They explained that engaging in light exercises during the day and getting some sunlight would make them sleepier by evening.

Here comes the risky part – the website recommended nothing less than sleeping pills. They said they could be bought at pharmacies and asked players to make sure to follow the dosage terms after consulting with a pharmacist.

The tweet sharing this advice received over 46,000 likes in one day, with people comparing the idea to doping and “hardware cheating” and joking about sleeping pills being sold out due to the game.

Many also pointed out the irony of an app designed to encourage healthy sleep habits causing the opposite effect.

“Sleeping pills lol. An app meant to promote a healthy lifestyle causing the opposite effect? Incredible.”

In the end, the website backtracked and removed this sleeping tip. Now they recommend things like taking warm baths instead.

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