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Patch for Chaos;Head Noah made by fans doubles the number of Players.

Patch for Chaos;Head Noah made by fans doubles the number of Players.

If the official version fails, the fans come and fix it! Chaos;Head Noah had a complicated history on Steam, initially the game was banned and after a fan campaign it was unbanned and released on the platform.

And well, even with this new release fans encountered a lot of problems, and a patch made by the Committee of Zero fan group was released.

And what’s in this patch? Basically it fixes the bad translation that the official release had, in addition to translating content that was not translated, restores content that was removed, fixes bugs among other things.

What’s more, after the release of this patch (made by FANS), the number of players in the game increased, when looking at the data in the Steam Database, Chaos/Head Noah had a peak of only 96 players playing the game at the same time in their launch. A month later that number dropped to an average of 25 players at the same time.

chaos head noah

After the release of the fan-made patch, the number of concurrent players jumped to 238! It goes to show companies how well fans want their games to be treated well, a fan-made patch that fixed most things made player numbers skyrocket.

It is worth mentioning that Chaos;Head Noah is a Visual Novel, so once the story is completely finished it is very complicated to play the game again, but even this is a big slap in the face of the companies, however, even so, there are some reports that even the translation made by fans has some errors.

At the time of writing this post, Chaos;Head Noah has 101 players with a peak of 146 in the last 24 hours. Instructions for installing the patch can be seen here.