Artist H Oosawara Sadao is slowly going blind

Oosawara Sadao is slowly going blind

Oosawara Sadao is an adult manga author who is recently suffering from a serious condition that is affecting his eyesight, this problem is making him blind.

In a post on his Fanbox before Comiket 100 was held, Sadao made a long post talking about his current condition.

“After Comiket, I will mainly sell my books on FANZA and DLsite.
I’m planning to mainly sell my books electronically on FANZA and DLsite after Comiket (isn’t it easier to get laid electronically?).

To be honest, I’d like to do the layaway thing, but
I can’t see the words on paper because of my eye disease…
I can’t even look at the text on my phone… It takes a lot of effort to look at the text on my phone, and I’ve decided to give up on the idea.
I am very sorry to those who were expecting a layaway………
Eventually, when I am cured of my illness……

That’s all for now.”

Layaway is a purchase agreement in which the seller reserves an item for a consumer until the consumer completes all the payments necessary to pay for that item, and only then hands over the item

Oosawara Sadao is slowly going blind

According to what I’ve seen comments, the author has Stargardt’s disease, below is an explanation of the disease:

Stargardt disease is a rare genetic eye disease that happens when fatty material builds up on the macula — the small part of the retina needed for sharp, central vision. Vision loss usually starts in childhood — but some people with Stargardt disease don’t start to lose their vision until they’re adults

He wants to get well and improve his vision, it has been said that he no longer sees with his right eye, you can support the author by subscribing to his Fanbox, he wants to save money so he can undergo treatment and who knows how to recover his vision .