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Ep 0 of Mushoku Tensei came Censored to the West

Ep 0 de Mushoku Tensei veio Censurado pro Ocidente

NEWS! Ep 0 of Mushoku Tensei came censored to the West. If you watched Mushoku Tensei on official streaming services in the West, you saw the censored anime!

Ep 0 of Mushoku Tensei came Censored to the West

The second season of Mushoku Tensei premiered this weekend with “episode 0,” which shows what happened to Sylphy in that teleportation incident involving her people.

It was a good episode to kick off the series, but the anime was aired with censorship in the West. There is a scene where a bald man is touching a girl. In the official version shown in the West, he only touches her back, but in the original version, he touches her buttocks.

Watch below: the top version is likely the one you watched, and the bottom version is the one shown in Japan.

I watched both the version shown in the West and the version shown in Japan, and I confirm that the bottom version is the actual one aired in Japan.

It’s quite disappointing to start the anime this way, isn’t it? With this kind of censorship in a story that never tried to be cute. Crunchyroll has previously addressed cases of censorship, and according to what has been said, they receive the censored anime directly from Japan.

Many people like to blame Crunchyroll without knowing this fact, that the censorship is already there when you watch it, unless they are lying.

Fans didn’t react well:

“When ‘supporting the industry’ gives you a shoddy version.”

“This scene was much worse in the light novel.”

“Crunchyroll censoring anime again.”

“It doesn’t matter if it was Crunchyroll or the studio that did this, censorship is still bad in any case.”

“Where can I watch the uncensored version?”

“ALL Western versions are censored, not just Crunchyroll’s.”

“Crunchyroll didn’t censor anything; this is the GLOBAL version they received. Stop blaming the wrong people.”

“Either you buy the Blu-rays or pirate the anime, there is no other option.”

Get ready because this second season promises to come with a lot of censorship for everyone!

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