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For Disney, Korean content is better than Japan

Korean content is better than Japan

Korean content has been surprising a lot lately. Netflix, for example, released series that people liked a lot like Round 6 and All of Us are Dead. And, apparently, Netflix is not the only one that likes Korean projects, because for Disney, Korean content is better than Japanese.

You may have noticed that streaming is running more and more behind Korean media, and it’s no wonder, because there really are a lot of really cool movie, series and web novel projects.

Korean content is better than JapanKorean content is better than Japan

Korean content is better than Japan

Directors of The Walt Disney Company stated at a recent event that Korean content is better than Japanese in terms of expandability and themes that the rest of the world enjoys.

Disney President of International Content and Operations Rebecca Campbell says, ”The Korean works created at Disney are all fantastic content from a regional and global perspective.”

And Carol Choi, who is responsible for overseeing the development of the original content strategy for the Asia-Pacific region at Disney, stated the following: “Korean entertainment is better than Japanese in terms of scalability, in which certain content is loved in various areas outside a country and generates empathy.”

Check out some of the Korean reactions below:

”Sometimes I want to take advantage of Japan’s unique sensibilities, but Japanese works really lack global expansion”

”I haven’t seen much Japanese content since Love Letter (1995).”

”The current content lacks realism and is unpleasant.”

”Japan is an isolated island and probably too unique to be adored in the global market.”

”The popularity of webtoons has made Korea a comic book powerhouse. What’s left is the video game and character business.”

On the other hand, some said:

”It’s still too early to say that Korean content has overtaken Japan. However, it is true that Korea’s competitiveness is increasing and Japan’s is decreasing.”

”Korea will soon become like Japan. It’s because Japan is the country that ages faster than the rest of the world.”

Anyway, what do you prefer, Korean or Japanese content?

via: Record China