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Kanojo mo Kanojo Author Gets into Debt Buying Watches

Kanojo mo Kanojo Author Gets into Debt Buying Watches

Kanojo mo Kanojo is a harem anime about a guy who doesn’t have just one girlfriend but TWO girlfriends, and then manages to get EVEN MORE girlfriends! And all with the original girlfriend’s consent!

But today, we won’t talk about the anime. Instead, let’s focus on the author, Hiroyuki, who is also the creator of other anime like Doujin Work, Aho Girl, and Mangaka-san to Assistant-san, because Hiroyuki is about to release a book telling how he accumulated a 50 million yen debt by buying wristwatches.

Kanojo mo Kanojo Author Gets into Debt Buying Watches

The book is titled Anime-ka 4 sakuhin no manga-ka ga udedokei ni hamatta kekka 5000 man-en no shakkin wo tsukutta hanashi, which translates to “A manga artist with four animated works got into debt for 50 million yen due to an addiction to wristwatches.”

On the book’s cover, he put Mirika, one of the characters from Kanojo mo Kanojo, holding several wristwatches in her hands. The book is priced at 990 yen (approximately $9) in Japan.

Kanojo mo Kanojo Author Gets into Debt Buying Watches

Hiroyuki reveals and even flaunts that he bought several watches from famous brands like Omega, Rolex, and A. Lange & Söhne. Additionally, the book also contains his “teachings” for those interested in buying watches!

The author promoted the book on his Twitter profile, and in response to a user’s tweet, Hiroyuki confirmed that he wrote the book to help pay off his debt.

“Even if I buy this book, won’t you use the money just to buy more watches? Haha.”

“I will use the money to pay off my debt.”

Even Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tail and Edens Zero, joined the conversation:

“I’m interested! I will definitely buy a copy!”

“Yay! Thank you very much! Mashima-sensei, let’s buy some watches too! I’ll guide you through the process anytime. Buying watches is fun!”

His mention to Mashima about helping him buy watches suggests that perhaps he hasn’t learned anything and might just spend even more on new watches.

This manga artist’s book, who had four animated works and got into a 50 million yen debt due to a wristwatch addiction, is set to be released in Japan on October 10th.

source Twitter via ANN

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