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Interaction between Goldmary and Etie turns to touching muscles to hands

Interaction between Goldmary and Etie turns to touching muscles to hands

Fire Emblem is one of Nintendo’s JRPG franchises, it’s a tactical RPG where you control several units and move them around the field to fight enemies in turns.

However, something that involves the entire Fire Emblem series is the censorship that the English version of the vast majority of games ends up going through. Basically in many games the dialogue is completely changed and in the most recent game, Fire Emblem Engage, fans found that a lot of text was changed from the game.

In Fire Emblem Engage you can choose your character’s gender, whether he’s going to be a man or a woman, but the English version doesn’t mention gender, just saying “child”. Many other lines were also changed, and here I’m going to give an example of a situation that even became an illustration.

There are interactions between characters in Fire Emblem Engage and there is a certain interaction between characters Etie and Goldmary that has been completely changed in the western version.

Interaction between Goldmary and Etie turns to touching hands

See the art below, it shows a great example of the change that the game Fire Emblem Engage had between the original Japanese version and its official English version released in the United States:

Etie e Goldmary
Interaction between Goldmary and Etie turns to touching muscles to hands

Basically what happens in this part is the following. in an interaction between Etie and Goldmary, Goldmary calls Etie and asks this: “Your muscles… can I touch them a little bit?”.

In the official English version, this has been completely changed to this here: “This might sound a little quirky, but would you mind giving me your hand?”.

Whereas in the original version of the Japanese text, Goldmary wants to touch Etie’s muscles, in the English version they totally changed the text to touch Etie’s hands.

The scene continues as follows:


“Wow… what muscles you have… amazing… they are wonderful”

“oh Really?”

“Oh…yes…I’ll do my best to make this my goal, I wouldn’t say this but as a thank you, you…please touch mine”

Official translation:

“You really are strong, I can tell by the calluses, how devoted you are to honing your strength”

“Oh yeah”

“Seeing how your dedication has transformed who you are has helped me understand, thank you. Here, take my hands if you want, maybe you’ll understand who I am a little better.”

In the game, during this interaction, the two girls don’t touch each other, the screen goes black and we only have the text, so for the Japanese, who have the original version of the story, the two girls touched each other in several parts, while in the version in official English, the screen cuts to black for the two to take each other’s hands.

And then came this illustration that shows the version difference between the same game in two different regions. You can check out the full version of the original Japanese text with the American version below:

Fire Emblem isn’t new to censoring just about everything for the official western version, Fire Emblem Awakening censored a scene of the character Tharja in her underwear:

Tharja censura 1

Original version:

Tharja censura 2

Virtually all of the more modern Fire Emblem games since Awakening have been censored and in particular, this is the reason that keeps me away from this series, until today I only played Sacred Stones for the GBA and Shadow Dragon for the DS, but after seeing the countless cases of changes that the Western version gets over the original game, I don’t feel like playing Fire Emblem.

Anyway, Fire Emblem Engage has many, many changes compared to the original version.

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