Overlord: What happened to the Sisters of Arche Eeb Rile Furt?

What happened to the Sisters of Arche

I’m not going to curl, Arche Eeb Rile Furt’s two younger sisters were sold into slavery by their own parents and died from overwork. Now that you’re probably shocked let’s get to the details.

In the third season of Overlord, several groups come together to explore a location, among these groups we have Foresight. Foresight members are Hekkeran, Arche, Roberdyck and Imina.

The 4 end up being killed by Ainz in season 3 and something that made a lot of the famdom angry was Ainz ordering Arche’s death.

What happened to the Sisters of Arche

If you don’t remember the story of Arche and her two little sisters, here’s the thing. She was born to a noble family in the Baharuth Empire. From a young age, she demonstrated skill with magic.

When Jircniv ascended the throne, Arche’s family lost their nobility status, but her parents continued to spend what they didn’t have and got a lot of debt because they didn’t want to give up the rich life.

With no options and seeing that her parents weren’t going to change, Arche quits the gym and starts working, that’s how she joined Foresight.

Arche has two younger sisters and promised to take them with her after completing this quest, as we know, Arche never returned to her home and her sisters. Her voice was picked up by Entoma, Demiurge took her skin, other Nazarick residents took her head, others her limbs and the rest became food.

What happened to the Sisters of Arche Eeb Rile Furt?

What happened to the two of them exactly? Overlord author Maruyama revealed the fate of the two little girls on his official website. According to him, the two girls patiently waited for their sister to return, something that never happened.

After the parents realized that Arche would not return, the two girls were sold into slavery by their parents to pay the family debt. The two girls ended up as slaves and in the end, died from overwork.

Fate on the WebNovel is “happier”

As you know, Overlord has a webnovel where there are several differences from the light novel, in the webnovel version Arche does not die, but she becomes Shalltear’s sex toy.

Arche’s two sisters are sold into slavery after their younger sister goes missing. Until the two girls are given to Ainz as sacrifices by a cult of nobles who worship Ainz.

Ainz with the two girls allows the girls to return to their older sister, and the 3 live peacefully on the 6th floor of Nazarick.

Source: Wikia de Overlord