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Fate GO Revealed the Servant Wandjina, and she Controversial?

Fate GO Revealed the Servant Wandjina

Fate Grand Order, or simply Fate Go, recently unveiled the Servant Wandjina, an adorable young girl holding a Koala in her arms. The girl belongs to the Foreigner class and will be arriving in the game soon.

Fate GO Revealed the Servant Wandjina

Below, you can see Wandjina’s appearance. She wears a helmet reminiscent of astronauts with a somewhat space-themed outfit. She is a 5-star Servant in the game, and few details are currently known.

Fate GO Revealed the Servant Wandjina

However, we do know one thing—she is Wandjina, which is part of Australian mythology. According to Indigenous Australian myths, the Wandjina were the beings who created people. They are typically represented with round heads and large black eyes.

Fate GO Revealed the Servant Wandjina

So, she is part of Australian mythology, and I’ve seen many comments from people in that country…

Is Servant Wandjina Controversial?

Apparently, there is an issue with Wandjina because it appears that only the Ngarinyin, Worrorra, and Wunumbal people have the right to draw Wandjina figures. In theory, Fate Grand Order would need permission to depict the character (something no one knows if they have or not).

Upon further research, I found that some artists have been sued in the past for drawing Wandjina figures. So, I came across comments from people wondering if TYPE-MOON has the “authorization” for this Wandjina in their game.

In 2011, two non-Indigenous artists, an artist and a gallery owner, sparked public protests by creating and publicly displaying a sculpture representing the sacred Wandjina without the permission of traditional custodians. Ultimately, after hearing allegations from Arts Law, Worrora elder Donny Woolagoodja, and Ngarinyin spokesperson Gordon Smith Jr, the NSW Land and Environment Court ordered its removal.

It’s unknown whether Fate Grand Order will run into any issues with Australian authorities regarding Wandjina, but we’ll have to wait and see if anything does happen. In the meantime, she is very cute!

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