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The Traumatic Ending of ImoKiss

The Traumatic Ending of ImoKiss

In 2020, the author of Rakudai Kishi began publishing a new light novel called Kanojo no Imouto to Kisuwoshita, and he finished that light novel before finishing Rakudai. its last volume was released this week and surprises everyone with its traumatic ending.

Check out the cover of the latest volume of Kanojo no Imouto to Kisuwoshita below:

Kanojo no Imouto to Kisuwoshita

In this post you will have the spoilers of how the light novel ends, the manga is in publication and let’s see if one day this story will get an anime.

Introducing the characters:

Let’s introduce the characters and what happens in the story.

The protagonist is called Hiromichi, one day a girl named Haruka declares herself to him and he accepts, the two start dating and he likes his girlfriend a lot.

One day his father tells him that a girl named Shigure is going to live with Hiromichi. Shigure ends up becoming Hiromichi’s half sister and the two move in together, but Shigure is Haruka’s sister too.

Kanojo no Imouto to Kisuwoshita
we are twins

What happens is this, throughout the story, Hiromichi and Shigure fall in love with each other, and Haruka ends up finding out, so we come to the events of the last volume.

Ending of ImoKiss summary

This summary was made by Touka.

Haruka is very angry and asks her sister for answers as to why she fell in love with Hiromichi, she also asks her sister why she seduced her own sister’s boyfriend!

Shigure tries to explain himself but Haruka doesn’t want to listen, she tells Shigure that she will never forgive her, Shigure tries to talk but the two end up fighting physically, for Haruka, Shigure tricked and manipulated Hiromichi into cheating on her.

Kanojo no Imouto to Kisuwoshita 5

Hiromichi looks for Haruka and plans to confess his true feelings to the girl who has been his girlfriend all along, when he finds her she starts apologizing to him for her behavior up until then.

Then she starts saying that they can fix their relationship, she wants one more chance to start over, she says that she is able to fix it for him, this leaves Hiromichi surprised because he expected her to be angry and curse him for having betrayed her.

Hiromichi says that he wants to break up with Haruka, who upon hearing this passes him with tears in his eyes and asks if he regrets having dated her, Hiromichi breaks down in tears, the two talk a little more and so their relationship ends for real.

Kanojo no Imouto to Kisuwoshita 2 1

After their conversation we have Haruka’s point of view, she is walking and trying to reflect on everything that has happened, she tries to think about how to get over Hiromichi and in her life, but it only makes her feel hopeless and despai, she can’t accept how things turned out when suddenly…

Kanojo no Imouto to Kisuwoshita 3

Shigure receives a phone call, Haruka was involved in a traffic accident, Shigure communicates this to Hiromichi who freezes, speechless, Shigure concludes that Haruka must have tried to commit suicide after Hiromichi broke up with her.

Haruka suffered severe fractures and a head injury, causing internal bleeding, but she somehow managed to survive it all, when she got better the two went to interrogate her as to whether she had actually attempted suicide or if it was all an accident.

Kanojo no Imouto to Kisuwoshita 6

When the two visit Haruka, they notice that she is behaving strangely, she mentions past events as if they were current ones, they discover that she has post-traumatic amnesia.

For Haruka, the events of the last 3 months never happened, and she still believes that she is dating Hiromichi.

Two days later we see a Hiromichi taking the case with Haruka very seriously, he locked himself in the room and is sunk in guilt, after all without Haruka’s memories it is not possible to know if she tried to kill herself or not, but Hiromichi and Shigure assume that Haruka tried to kill herself.

He believes that Haruka tried to commit suicide because of him, he despairs at the possibility of having to talk to Haruka again about his true feelings (and so repeat and maybe she manages to kill herself this time), so Shigure has an idea of ​​how to prevent that from happening. From Haruka breaks down again.

Shigure suggests that things go back to the way they were, a way for everyone to be happy, he would stay with Haruka while Hiromichi and Shigure hide their relationship.

Kanojo no Imouto to Kisuwoshita 4

Ten years later…

Hiromichi wakes up and hears Hauka’s voice, the two continued their relationship, they ended up getting married and had a son together named Shinji.

Despite 10 years together, Hiromichi still doesn’t feel the same love that Haruka feels for him, Haruka picks up their son from school and Hiromichi mentions he’s going out with friends after work, but that’s an excuse.

After work, Hiromichi goes to his old house and rings the doorbell, who answers it is Shigure, who works as a teacher and lives alone.

The two talk and Hiromichi feels tired, she offers him a lap and he accepts, Shigure wears a ring, which is indicative of their love.

Kanojo no Imouto to Kisuwoshita 2

The two love each other, but Hiromichi promises himself that he will keep this lie as long as possible and deceive everyone so that no one will be hurt again, he doesn’t care what he has to endure or what happens to him.

In order to have these moments with Shigure, he is willing to live with someone he doesn’t love and will take this lie to the grave.