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DMM no longer accepts MasterCard

DMM no longer accepts MasterCard

DMM is one of the biggest online stores in Japan when it comes to selling adult content, and on the other side we have Master Card and Visa, two companies that take care of credit cards.

In recent years Master Card and Visa have been putting pressure on everyone who sells adult content on the internet, either by banning certain types of adult content as well as banning those who don’t comply with their rules.

It is because of this that several Japanese services had to “disappear” with tags such as hypnotism, rape, zoophilia among others, because if they wanted to continue receiving with these cards, it was the rules they had to follow.

DMM no longer accepts MasterCard

But enough is enough, MasterCard’s rules must have become unfeasible and today DMM announced the end of payments via MasterCard cards as of July 29 this year.

It has probably become impossible for DMM to continue to accept payments via MasterCard cards due to the rules that the operator has been putting in place.

It should probably be a matter of time before Visa does the same, luckily, there is a Japanese credit card system that accepts the products that DMM sells, which is JCB. is also Affected

DMM no longer accepts MasterCard
DMM no longer accepts MasterCard

There is a site that sells JAV movies called “” which Cakemoe is affiliated with, today we received an email from R18 saying that they will terminate their affiliate program.

Just explaining what an affiliate is, for example the Amazon products that we advertise here, if you enter through our link and buy something on Amazon, we at Você Sabe Anime will receive a part of the amount you paid, it is a way to help people.

Anyway, today the website informed us that “due to factors beyond their control” related to the method of payment, they closed the affiliate program until one day everything is resolved. is a site that sells JAV movies to the international audience, but they are based in Tokyo and one way for them to receive payment from their international customers is via Visa and MasterCard credit cards, if it is not possible to use one of the two, makes the business virtually unviable.

Anyway, this is the situation.