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China Censored the Earth in Pop Team Epic

China Censored the Earth in Pop Team Epic

China’s censors have reached a new level of ridiculous things, in episode 6 of the second season of Pop Team Epic, the land appears on a talk show to be interviewed by Popuko.

Check out the scene below:

The land is fluffy with a fluffy mouth, fluffy eyes and all round with the countries on it, but if you watch the bilibili version of the anime, that is, the Chinese version, the land appears without any country in it:

China Censored the Earth in Pop Team Epic

Above the original version and below the version that aired on bilibili.

Any Explanation for Earth Censorship in Pop Team Epic?

No official reason was given and we can only speculate as usual. China is a country that has many enemies and territorial conflicts with other countries.

Taiwan is one of the first that comes to mind. The island nation has long claimed freedom from China, although the mainland government still considers Taiwan part of its territory. Other nations in dispute with China include Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Japan, Malaysia, and more. Even North Korea is included in the list, as the nation shares territory with China along the Yalu River.

And as the land in this episode is showing the Asia region, they probably preferred to withdraw the countries to avoid problems with the Chinese Communist Party that has controlled and ruled the country for years.

via: Reddit