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Is there Romance in Classroom of the Elite? Ayanokouji is dating someone?

Ayanokouji is dating Kei

Although Classroom of the Elite light novel is not finished yet, this is a question for which we already have an answer, if you read the novel, you already know but if you only watches the anime but really wants to know if it has romance, I will answer this question.

Remembering that I only read the story until the beginning of the second year, I didn’t read above that so I don’t know exactly what kinds of problems happen next.

But anyway, Ayanokouji is dating anyone in this series? Incredibly, the answer is yes.

Comentando Classroom of the Elite 2 eps 5 e 6

If you’re watching the second season of the anime I think you can imagine which girl Ayanokouji gets to date and I won’t roll:

Reagindo a Classroom of the Elite 2 ep 04

The reason Ayanokouji came to this school is to experience a normal life, have friends, hang out with them, fall in love, live a normal student life.

So getting a girlfriend is something Ayanokouji also considers and he gets one in volume 11.5 of the light novel, when he and Kei officially start dating.

Ayanokouji is dating Kei

In the epilogue of volume 11.5, during spring break before they become second years, Kiyotaka declares her love for Kei to which she accepts (very confused and embarrassed) and they officially become a couple. They decided to keep their relationship a secret from everyone else.

That’s why if you go to get chapter 1 of the second year manga, right at the beginning Ayanokouji already reveals that the two of them are dating.

Ayanokouji is dating Kei

Below is a short summary of the light novel excerpt that is on the Classroom of the Elite wikia:

“That’s right, I like Karuizawa Kei.”

Kiyotaka then asks what her answer would be, and gave her the choice to reject or ignore his words. Her mind seems to be in chaos before she finally gathers herself. She then looks directly at him and answers that she will allow herself to go out with him for his sake, using vague words to avoid answer his confession.

Kiyotaka wonders if that means Kei likes him too. He wants to hear the answer and waits for Kei to say it. There was no third party, no contract, only the two of them, their own conversation, their own promise.

Kiyotaka asks again whether Kei cannot answer. Kei says to give her time to calm down, putting her hands in front of him to stop him. Kiyotaka waits a few seconds for her to turn her gaze on him. Kei stutters and struggles to say it. Kiyotaka thinks it is strangely adorable so he waits longer. He sees that Kei is mustering all her courage and tells himself not to look away. Kei eventually answers that she also kinda likes him, and even though it is annoying, she still admits it.

Kiyotaka wonders why Kei looks angry in the end. He stretches his arms on both sides of her and Kei panics, thinking that he will kiss her. Kiyotaka thinks that she won’t dislike it, but he won’t do it as it was still too soon. He reassures her that he will not do it, yet. Kei repeats his words stammeringly and Kiyotaka says that he may do it in the future, leaving her frozen. He gently embraces her, a proof of their relationship. He asks if that’s okay if it’s only just that. He knows without seeing her face that she is bewildered, nervous and full of joy.

In the epilogue of volume 11.5 Ayanokouji Kiyotaka and Karuizawa Kei officially become a couple.

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