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Author Stops Drawing Manga for Men Due to Piracy

Author Stops Drawing Manga for Men Due to Piracy

Piracy has led many Japanese authors to make extreme decisions that impact their careers, as you’ll see in today’s case involving a hentai manga artist who announced she will stop creating manga for men.

In 2022, we shared the story on our sister website Voce Sabia Anime, of artist Choco, who, after having his work pirated online, decided to cease releasing his works in English. Until then, he always created versions in Japanese and English.

Author Stops Drawing Manga for Men Due to Piracy

Ten is a mangaka who creates hentai manga targeted at a male audience. In her stories, the author has crafted manga with themes of Netorare, elves being abused by Goblins, and other intense topics, but nothing heavier than her stories than piracy.

Author Stops Drawing Manga for Men Due to Piracy

Ten has been fighting against the piracy of her manga at least since 2015 or 2016 and has even reported the case to the Japanese police. On December 13, she posted the following message on her profile:

“I’ve been drawing hentai manga for men for 15 years, but I lost all motivation when pirate readers said they couldn’t ‘enjoy’ my manga.

Fortunately, drawing itself is fun, so from now on, I will lead a good life drawing manga for women, emphasizing relationships between men and women.”

Author Stops Drawing Manga for Men Due to Piracy

Ten is an author who has been combating the piracy of her manga for years. For example, in her manga “Yousei-san o Tsukamaeta Zenpen,” there is the following warning on the last page:

“The second part of this story will be released in two years only if this manga is not shared illegally.”

Author Stops Drawing Manga for Men Due to Piracy

As you may have noticed from our text so far, Ten is a female author, something confirmed by herself in posts from years ago on her Twitter where she states she is a woman.

Ten received several messages from foreigners, as you can see below:

“You have one of the most unique art styles in R18 works; don’t let the enemies get to you. They are loud and have an extremely small number of people.”

“I really hope for a commission from you, ma’am, at least once in my life.”

“You have a unique and stimulating art style, and I often come back to see your work. I hope you find peace in your drawings.”

“I understand that feeling very well 🙁 I hope you find peace and happiness in what you draw ;-; And I hope what you draw is motivated by yourself and not what other people think. It’s easy to be swayed by others’ opinions.”

“They’re probably homosexuals haha. Miss Flieger has some of the best art I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Everyone has different tastes. I prefer shota directly, so Nosomurada yori (not sure if I wrote the kanji right) is my favorite. Lv4 and Kitaku Keibin are also great. I don’t like seeing women being tortured. Good luck with your future plans!”

“I really like your style and your drawings, but above all, do what you love the most! Don’t do what people expect from you; life is your choice.”

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