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Atlus Wants to Use AI for ideas and Concept Art and Fans Get Angry

Atlus Wants to Use AI for ideas and Concept Art and Fans Get Angry

Recently the producer of the Persona series, Kazuhisa Wada, gave an interview and in this interview he revealed that the art team at Atlus wants to use AI, images made by Artificial Intelligence, a topic that has been being discussed a lot lately.

In that interview he said that the team at Atlus is discussing using AI for game production, read below exactly what he said:

As for what I’m interested in, the progress of AI has been quite intriguing. I think the technology behind AI illustrations will be very useful in the future. For example, when coming up with rough ideas, an AI can continuously output one idea after another, something that a single artist might struggle with. So I think that for early concept and idea formation, we could use AI right away. Our art team has been talking about wanting to implement AI.

As you’ve seen, Kazuhia Wada says the art team at Atlus has been talking about wanting to implement the use of AI in concept art production. For example, they can have an AI keep generating various ideas for character looks, scenarios and when they come up with something they like, build on top of that.

Atlus Wants to Use AI for ideas and Concept Art and Fans Get Angry
Atlus Wants to Use AI and fans compare the company with Madarame

Atlus wants to use AI for Concept Art, but fans get angry and criticize the Company

Honestly a good use, but soon people lost their minds because of him mentioning the use of AI. There are many artists who feel “robbed” because AI uses ready-made illustrations to learn how to draw.

But there is a collective movement against AIs, many people were disappointed that Atlus wanted to use AI and compared the case with one of the villains of Persona 5. If you have never played this game [su_spoiler title=”Spoiler Text” icon=” arrow”]the second villain is a painter who is accused of plagiarizing his pupils’ paintings[/su_spoiler], so people are saying that Atlus is becoming what it was meant to fight.

Some of the comments on social media reacting to the news that Atlus wants to use AI:

“People will see this title and immediately react negatively, but they said they want to use it to visualize ideas before the art team develops them. They did NOT say they will use AI art in their products, that’s a good use “

“Honestly appalled at the number of people under this comment trying to argue the morality of not paying people for pre-production work. The system has really managed to take away the perception of value from artists, especially those whose work the consumer doesn’t see.”

“Final Fantasy 7 and Persona 5. Games where you play a resistance group fighting corporate corruption by companies that end up doing the same shit her characters fight against”

“I don’t even know what to say”

“Atlus I swear to god… *reads article*, oh… looks like they still want to use this to speed up conceptual images and then draw from there… so they’re going to keep drawing (the art done by AI won’t it be in the final product?), I think that’s ok… *throws rock aside*”

“It’s not about how they’re going to use it, it’s the fact that they want to use it is bad enough”

“Couldn’t they just pay people to get better results? Even to create concept art and visualize ideas, there are people who do it as a job”

“WHY??? This must be more for the superiors than the true artists of the series, right? ….Right??”

One detail that apparently all of the above people forgot to notice is that the interest in using AI-made art at Atlus comes from Atlus’ own art team, responsible for the illustrations! That is, it is the artists themselves at Atlus, according to Wada, who want to use AI at work. But anyway, there is already hysteria on the internet, a fear in relation to art made by AI, and it will not stop anytime soon.

Thanks: Atlus SEA via Persona Central