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Animax censors anime in India

Animax censors anime in India

Do you know the Animax channel? For a while it was available in several countries, but ended up closing in many places years later. But Animax recently returned to India via the Jiotv streaming service.

You can watch the channel for their streaming service, the programs are available with Japanese audio. According to informed, this is a test period for the channel, but something caught the attention of fans … censorship.

Unfortunately animax India is censoring its anime, more precisely the anime Katsute Kami datta kemon-tachi e. There are many scenes where female characters are blurred as in the image below:

Animax censors anime in India

Each country has its laws and the channels have to obey unfortunately, it is frustrating for anime fans but there is nothing to do.

However, the case of anime censorship in India is not just for TV, watching the anime even in the cinema (which usually have their indicative classification) also has censorship.

Animax censors anime in India

According to what it says, the film by Jujutsu Kaisen 0 which was broadcast in India theaters was also censored, for example, adult jokes were erased, the audio is mute in these scenes.

Now comes another point that made the crowd more upset, is that while the female characters have their censored necklines, male characters can appear without good shirt:

Animax Censura animes na Índia

Funny noticing that the Animax Asia trailer does not have this censorship, showing that things in India are rigid or the channel itself that is censoring on their own.

Other anime that will pass on the channel include Naruto and Gintama, let’s see what the censorship of both anime will be.

Via: IGN India