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AI-Generated Anime Unveiled! World Maker

AI-Generated Anime Unveiled! World Maker

G-VIS Studio has unveiled its latest anime project, ‘World Maker.’ An undisclosed amount of funding was secured from Skyland Ventures through the Pre-seed series, and the studio plans to produce this short anime using 3DCG and AI generation technology. The short will be streamed on TikTok and YouTube starting January.

AI-Generated Anime Unveiled! World Maker

The story revolves around a girl who connects with the universe at a point where scientific theory and magical trajectory intersect.

G-VIS will leverage 3DCG and AI generation technology to swiftly produce the anime, aiming to reduce the workload and time costs while maintaining quality.

AI-Generated Anime Unveiled! World Maker

Starting this month, the studio will release short dance anime videos and video clips to engage the audience and enhance animation quality.

Their goal is to streamline AI anime production to expand the audience and familiarity. The Representative Director and CEO, Soya Nakamura, established G-VIS in September

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